Eva Maria Fritz


Eva is a vibrant artist born in Brisbane, Australia.   Encouraged by her artistic mother, Eva was painting from a very young age and her skill was recognised early in life as evidenced by numerous awards, commissions, and invitations to show.   After receiving the Secondary College Arts Award, Eva commenced study in architecture, then moved into the Bachelor of Visual Arts.  When parenthood arrived, she completed a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology.  Eva currently works as an artist, and brings her creative obsession to her clinical practice with young children and their families.  Eva’s creative talents also extend to music, and she performs as lead vocalist and keyboardist for two progressive music outfits.

Like the dynamic and varied pursuits that shape Eva’s day-to-day existence, Eva’s art is marked by a remarkable breadth of subject matter and stylistic approach.  Not only a canvas artist, she has completed many requests to paint murals, shop signs, and even fridges! The warm, lyrical qualities that Eva brings to her work affect to bridge the gap between non-literal, humourous and social observation.   Collectively, her vibrant use of colour and bold design lends her work it’s signature strength and appeal. Although much of her work is emotive, her paintings can be seen to reflect her reverence for nature, childhood, relationships, and the human form.

Highly regarded in her native Australia, the demand for Eva’s work also extends internationally, with commissions from the UK, USA and Japan.

Eva has also worked as an illustrator of children’s books and utilizes her art to give voice to various community issues. This philanthropic bent has seen her provide material for the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth, produce major exhibitions in support of organizations such as the Brisbane Youth Service and the Eating Disorders Association, and contribute ongoing sponsorship through her Kidz On Canvas art sales to the Abused Child Trust .

As part of her interests in supporting the community , Eva has founded Hoops Not Troops, a project that provide hula hoops handmade by Eva, to young people affected by displacement in their homes and communities.

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